Hobby horse

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    • Height: 90 cm.
    • Made in Lithuania.
    • In line with EU standards, CE marked.

    Not only the boys dream of having a horse. The real trotter on whose back one can travel to most distant lands and experience a myriad of adventures. Who runs like the wind through the fields of meadows and narrow mountain passes. The trotter that can dive into the wild mountain rivers in breath taking manner. Let your child experience all this, let him create his own adventure.

    Stick horse is a great toy for senior kids. It helps to develop small and large motor skills of the child, develops different muscle groups, emotional, social and language skills, as well as imagination, creativity. In addition, the toy may be colored by the child in any color he desires.

    As with all wooden toys, this one percieves warmth and comfort. It is a real piece of art. Made of real Lithuanian birch wood. It is pleasant to touch, the surface is smooth, has no sharp edges. Toy is colored with organic dyes. It is completely safe for your child and his environment.