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  • Probably all little ones dream about a boat trip. And it does not matter where to: towards the blue river covered with reeds or perhaps towards light as a summer sky lake, or even towards unknown seas where one can catch a shark... This tiny boat will take your child to any of his dreams.

    The wooden boat is perfect for decoration. By decorating his dream boat baby will develop imagination, fine motor skills, explore shapes and colors. At the same time it will help improve his emotional, social, language development. Navigating the boat through the real or imaginary waters baby will develop his movements and imagination.

    Just like all wooden toys, this toy shines warmth and comfort, it is really a small piece of art. Wooden parts are pleasure to touch. They are smooth and completely safe for your child - made from real wood, non-colored and unvarnished. Wooden toys are very durable, so baby can enjoy it for very long time.

    Size: 17 x 20 x 46 cm
    Made in Lithuania.
    In line with EU standards, CE marked.