Rocking horse "Blue Cloud"

  • Rocking horse "Blue Cloud"

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  • Blue-eyed and blue-perched by appearance this horse looks so calm and peaceful - like a real dreamer nibbling cornflower on a sunny field of rye. But who knows what kind of adventure and travel your child and horse could go down together ... would you be curious to find out?

    Rocking toy, made of solid wood is ideal to train child's large motor skills. The wider range of movements’ child will perform, the more he will develop different muscle groups, as well as the imagination - after all, no one knows where the child’s adventures will take him and his faithful friend. Ask him to tell you about his experience, try to get involved in his adventures and help him to develop emotional, social and language skills.

    In addition, the wooden horse is completely safe for your child - made from natural wood, smooth surface without sharp edges, durable, painted with organic paint only.

    Rocking-horse is recommended for children over 2 years but would be adored by younger kids too. Just do not leave children unattended, so all adventures end up happily ever after!

    Dimensions: length 86 cm, height 55 cm, width 30 cm, height to seat 31 cm. Packaged in cardboard box.
    Made in Lithuania. In line with EU standards, CE marked.