Wooden stamp "Dog"

  • Wooden stamp "Dog"

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    • Wooden stamp made of birch wood and the bottom has the rubber base.
    • Size: wooden base length of 3 cm, width 3 cm.
    • Recommended for children from 3 years.
    • Made in Lithuania. In line with EU standards, CE marked.

    Wooden "Dog" stamp can accompany you everywhere – in letters, with books and greeting cards. Playing with the stamps, children can decorate their paintings, and sometimes even boring school exercise books! Stamps encourages to develop creativity in early childhood when the baby is still "seeking information" and still learning different shapes and colors. Game process with stamps is very simple - you only need to soak stamp into the paint and then press the stamp against the surface of the paper. As stamp base is a wooden square, it is easy to grip with little hands. You'll be surprised how much it gives the child emotion!

    We suggest you when choose the stamp, choose different ink colors too.