Car parking garage

  • Car parking garage

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  • Every child silently dreams of a parking garage for his cars. All sort of cars - fire-trucks, trucks, racing cars, timber-trucks, vintage cars and even cariages! Not to mention of bicycles and motorcycles ... After all, you know -it's terribly fun to whip clean precious cars in the garage. Kids wuold be able of doing it that all day long!

    The cardboard car parking garage is ment not only for kids but also for parent‘s creative leisure time, as it is way more fun of asemblying it together. In this way, children develop their emotional, social and language skills. They learn to cooperate, develop spatial perception. The house is non-painted, so the child can decorate it himself, or draw on it thus improving one's creativity, imagination and abstract thinking.

    Non-colored cardboard car parking garage is lightweight, safe, made from naturally biodegradable materials.

    Toy size: 570 (H) x 495 x 345 mm.
    Package Size: 710 x 565 x 55 mm.
    Made in Lithuania. In line with EU standards.