Wooden Blocks for children

  • Wooden blocks can be great for children from 6 months old and for the older children. There is a wide variety of wooden blokcs: with letters, numbers, pictures, coloured, natural, and natural wooden blocks are one of the most popular toys. All the wooden blocks are made in Lithuania under EU standards and quality. In Lithuania we will deliver the wooden blocks in 1-2 days, or you can visit our store in Vilnius,  Kęstučio street 18. 

    All the wooden blocks can be engraved and personalised

    2250  VAT incl.
    Geometric Shapes
    Code: JAZK05
    999  VAT incl.
    1150  VAT incl.
    Blocks with letters
    Code: SV01
    1349  VAT incl.
    Blocks with numbers
    Code: SV02
    1099  VAT incl.
    Engraved block
    Code: SIM4
    250  VAT incl.
    Wooden blocks set
    Code: LU5X5-16
    1600  VAT incl.
    290  VAT incl.
    1899  VAT incl.
    Code: ZGZ13lt
    1099  VAT incl.
    Truck with blocks
    Code: RJ5163
    1099  - 1199  VAT incl.
    Blocks with Letters
    Code: AS05
    750  VAT incl.
    Car With Blocks
    Code: ZGM16SX
    2290  VAT incl.
    750  VAT incl.
    Tractor with blocks
    Code: RJ5168
    2150  - 2500  VAT incl.
    Wooden train
    Code: RJ5166
    2500  - 2700  VAT incl.