Wooden educational toys

  • Wooden educational toys are recommended by specialists for simple reasons: research shows that while children play with wooden toy for a longer toy, and the wood texture is not only nice to touch, but also helpful to develop the children's senses. When choosing educational toy you have to pay attention to the recommended age, but don't forget that every child is individual and only you can know what is best for your child. Wooden puzzles are more difficult than the ones made out of cardboard, so wooden puzzle are better for children from 3 y.o., with the wooden blocks not only older children can play, but also babies, and toys with numbers and letters will be great for children from 3 y.o. Free shipping if you buy online for more than 33.45 euros, store in Vilnius, Kestucio street 18. 

    All the wooden toys can be engraved - it will be memorable and long-lasting gift for your child. 

    Blocks with letters
    Code: SV01
    1299 VAT incl.
    290 VAT incl.
    Engraved block
    Code: SIM4
    250 VAT incl.
    200 VAT incl.
    Figure Blocks small
    Code: RJ4008
    1250 - 1350 VAT incl.
    Lacing Mushroom
    Code: SAG8
    550 VAT incl.
    Lacing tree
    Code: JAVZ02
    600 VAT incl.
    1299 VAT incl.
    Blocks with numbers
    Code: SV02
    999 VAT incl.
    Teddy Bear puzzle
    Code: ZGPZL07
    1360 VAT incl.
    1099 - 1199 VAT incl.
    Blocks with Letters
    Code: AS05
    750 VAT incl.
    1099 VAT incl.
    2000 VAT incl.
    Car With Blocks
    Code: ZGM16SX
    2290 VAT incl.
    Wooden train
    Code: RJ5166
    2500 - 2700 VAT incl.
    Constructor sport car
    Code: GEC207
    3000 VAT incl.
    Constructor Excavator
    Code: GEC103
    2500 VAT incl.
    Constructor Grader
    Code: GEC203
    3500 VAT incl.
    Constructor Jeep
    Code: GEC201
    2500 VAT incl.
    Turtle puzzle
    Code: ZGPZL12Z
    1190 VAT incl.
    1250 VAT incl.
    Whale Puzzle
    Code: ZGPZL01
    1100 VAT incl.
    1050 VAT incl.
    Constructor crane
    Code: GEC204
    2500 VAT incl.
    1050 VAT incl.
    Geometric Shapes
    Code: JAZK05
    900 VAT incl.
    Truck with blocks
    Code: RJ5163
    999 - 1099 VAT incl.