Wooden cars

  • Wooden cars for children - choose the one you like most! Small, light cars are suitable for children from 6 months old, educational cars with blocs and tasks are best from 3 years old, big and heavy wooden cars are for older than 5 years children or adults. 

    All the cars can be engraved with the name or title - it is the perfect and original gift! 

    Constructor Grader
    Code: GEC203
    999  VAT incl.
    Cronctructor Train
    Code: GEC212
    999  VAT incl.
    999  VAT incl.
    Car parking garage
    Code: DRMG
    2170  VAT incl.
    Wooden jeep
    Code: RJ5164
    1450  - 1770  VAT incl.
    Truck with blocks
    Code: RJ5163
    1099  - 1199  VAT incl.
    Wooden timber
    Code: RJ5169
    2200  - 2450  VAT incl.
    2800  - 2900  VAT incl.
    Tractor with blocks
    Code: RJ5168
    2150  - 2500  VAT incl.
    Truck car
    Code: ZGM023
    1300  VAT incl.
    2999  VAT incl.
    F1 car
    Code: RJ4007
    1350  - 1450  VAT incl.
    Wooden bus (blue)
    Code: DZ019
    2999  VAT incl.
    Wooden tipper lorry
    Code: ZGM07X
    2800  VAT incl.
    Code: ZGMK10
    1900  VAT incl.
    Formula 1
    Code: ZGMKFM
    960  - 1040  VAT incl.
    Car With Blocks
    Code: ZGM16SX
    2290  VAT incl.
    Wooden train
    Code: RJ5166
    2500  - 2700  VAT incl.
    Tank truck
    Code: SK058
    3880  VAT incl.
    Milk truck
    Code: SK050
    3330  VAT incl.
    Car-carrying trailer
    Code: SK055
    3480  VAT incl.
    Euro loader truck
    Code: SK059
    5650  VAT incl.
    3999  VAT incl.
    Tipper truck
    Code: SK053
    3220  VAT incl.
    Truck - Wagon
    Code: SK052
    3220  VAT incl.
    Logging truck
    Code: ZGM03
    3350  VAT incl.