Wooden Toys for 1-3 y.o. Toddlers

  • These toys are recommended for children from 1 to 3 years old. At this stage, the child becomes more independent, so it is important to let the child do things by himself. Every toy that stimulates child's imagination and vigorous activity. At this age child is interested in wooden block with different shapes and different colours , pyramids, simple puzzles and similar toys. Children from 1 to 3 years old are physically stronger and they start to learn how to walk, to help the child in the learning process push toys or wooden trolleys can be very helpful. To stimulate imagination wooden rocking horses are the best option. Wooden rocking horse is essential to every child. Give your child the freedom to explore wooden toys, because at this moment the child is interested in learning something new. 

    Give your child engraved toy, it iwll be the memorable and long lasting gift. 

    The wellness toy bunny
    Code: DSKGRU
    2750 VAT incl.
    The wellness bunny
    Code: DSKGB
    2750 VAT incl.
    2750 VAT incl.
    The wellness bear
    Code: DSMGB
    2750 VAT incl.
    Pull Snail Toy
    Code: ZGG56X
    1710 VAT incl.
    Ewe with a bell
    Code: DZ007
    2450 VAT incl.
    1050 VAT incl.
    2799 VAT incl.
    Wooden bus (blue)
    Code: DZ019
    2999 VAT incl.
    2999 VAT incl.
    Geometric Shapes
    Code: JAZK05
    900 VAT incl.
    1050 VAT incl.
    Pulled wooden worm
    Code: RJ5162
    1450 - 1770 VAT incl.
    799 VAT incl.
    1999 - 2099 VAT incl.
    999 VAT incl.
    999 VAT incl.
    Wooden sailboat
    Code: ZGLA06X
    700 VAT incl.
    Engraved block
    Code: SIM4
    250 VAT incl.
    290 VAT incl.
    Wooden blocks set
    Code: LU5X5-16
    1600 VAT incl.
    3900 - 4190 VAT incl.
    Blocks with numbers
    Code: SV02
    999 VAT incl.
    Blocks with letters
    Code: SV01
    1299 VAT incl.