Wooden constructors

  • Wooden constructors for children are not only an educational tool, but they also stimulates creativity, focus, helps to cocentrate. Best for older children, more than 5 years old. Constructors are fastened with wooden sticks without glue, so you can assemble and disasseble the toy many times. Delivery in Lithuania takes 1-2 working days.

    Cronctructor Train
    Code: GEC212
    3000 VAT incl.
    3000 VAT incl.
    Constructor sport car
    Code: GEC207
    3000 VAT incl.
    Constructor crane
    Code: GEC204
    2500 VAT incl.
    Constructor Grader
    Code: GEC203
    3500 VAT incl.
    Constructor Jeep
    Code: GEC201
    2500 VAT incl.
    2000 VAT incl.
    Constructor Excavator
    Code: GEC103
    2500 VAT incl.