Wooden push along toys

  • Push along toys, are perfect for children from 1 to 5 y.o. Light and small cars will be best for younger children from 6 months old, as well as for older children, and difficult and big cars for older than 5 years kids or even adults. Wooden cart or stroller will be great for the child from 1 to 4 years old, it will be perfect gift for christening, first or second birthday or Christmas. If you want to make a one year old interested you should choose push toys

    All the toys can be personalised and engraved, you only need to add an additional engraving service and to provide the text you want to engrave in the comment. 

    Ewe with a bell
    Code: DZ007
    2450  VAT incl.
    Pulled wooden worm
    Code: RJ5162
    1450  - 1770  VAT incl.
    Constructor Grader
    Code: GEC203
    500  VAT incl.
    999  You save 499 
    Cronctructor Train
    Code: GEC212
    500  VAT incl.
    999  You save 499 
    500  VAT incl.
    999  You save 499 
    Car parking garage
    Code: DRMG
    2170  VAT incl.
    Wooden jeep
    Code: RJ5164
    1450  - 1770  VAT incl.
    7500  VAT incl.
    Truck with blocks
    Code: RJ5163
    1099  - 1199  VAT incl.
    2800  - 2900  VAT incl.
    Wooden timber
    Code: RJ5169
    2200  - 2450  VAT incl.
    2999  VAT incl.
    Wooden bus (blue)
    Code: DZ019
    2999  VAT incl.
    2799  VAT incl.
    F1 car
    Code: RJ4007
    1350  - 1450  VAT incl.
    Push Along Toy
    Code: DZ017
    3199  VAT incl.
    Car With Blocks
    Code: ZGM16SX
    2290  VAT incl.
    Train with wagons
    Code: ZGT02X
    4000  VAT incl.
    Wooden train
    Code: RJ5166
    2500  - 2700  VAT incl.
    Tank truck
    Code: SK058
    3880  VAT incl.
    Milk truck
    Code: SK050
    3330  VAT incl.
    Car-carrying trailer
    Code: SK055
    3480  VAT incl.
    Euro loader truck
    Code: SK059
    5650  VAT incl.
    3999  VAT incl.
    Tipper truck
    Code: SK053
    3220  VAT incl.
    Truck - Wagon
    Code: SK052
    3220  VAT incl.
    Code: ZGF5
    1550  VAT incl.
    Tractor with blocks
    Code: RJ5168
    2150  - 2500  VAT incl.