Wooden rocking toys

  • Rocking horses, swinging wooden toys, wooden swings, encourages children's activity, develops balance. Untill the age of three children need toys, which not only develop small motor skills, but also their body. The most popular are wooden rocking horses, which are suitable for children from 1 year old. Wooden swings are suitable for the children from 6 months old, or some of the swings for older children, from 2-3 years old. Wooden horses and swings are popular gift from christening, first or second birthday or for Christmas.

    Almost all the toys can be engraved - it will be memorable and long-lasting gift for your child. 

    Wooden swing
    Code: RS3
    1150 VAT incl.
    Rocking horse
    Code: SAG5
    3999 - 4289 VAT incl.
    Rocking horse ''Colourful''
    Code: SAG1
    3999 - 4289 VAT incl.
    Wooden swing for baby
    Code: RS2
    1399 VAT incl.
    Rocking horse "Friendly"
    Code: DZ015
    10500 VAT incl.
    Rocking horse ''Pink''
    Code: SAG2
    3999 - 4289 VAT incl.