Wooden puzzles

  • Wooden 3D puzzles for kids from the age of 3 years. Even though there are just 3 pieces in the puzzles, but it is harder to put it together when the regular puzzle, for this reason there is no need to have lots of puzzle pieces than usually. Surprise your relatives by creating a puzzle with their photo on it, it will be memorable and unusual gift. All puzzles are the best for the children at the ages from 3 to 5 years old. 

    All the puzzles can be with the name. The date, name and short wish can be engraved on the puzzle. 

    Boy puzzle (Kopija)
    Code: RA133
    750  VAT incl.
    Puzzle "Lithuanian flag"
    Code: ZGPZLVL
    850  VAT incl.
    Puzzle with flag
    Code: ZGPLZL0
    670  VAT incl.
    Teddy Bear puzzle
    Code: ZGPZL07
    1360  VAT incl.
    1250  VAT incl.
    1150  VAT incl.
    1050  VAT incl.
    1099  VAT incl.
    1099  - 1199  VAT incl.
    Geometric Shapes
    Code: JAZK05
    999  VAT incl.
    Whale Puzzle
    Code: ZGPZL01
    1100  VAT incl.
    Turtle puzzle
    Code: ZGPZL12Z
    1190  VAT incl.