Wooden Toys for 3-5 y.o. Kids

  • At the age of three years, children actively learn how to be independent, so at this age wooden balance bike and wooden swings are very useful. At this age children discover role games, they start to create a wide variety of situational games: nourishes dolls, for this reason you can give your child a wooden doll cot, wooden iron or something similar. By the age of four the child begins to learn the colours, symbols, sizes, shapes and now the child could be interested in educational toys such as; wooden blocks, puzzles, games with sticks, lacing toys. A four year old wants to be independent and to learn how to tie shoes, so to help learning you can give your child a lacing shoe toy. A five year old starts to draw, match colours, so the perfect choice would be wooden stamp or coulourful ink. Lets not forget the most important thing, the four year old starts to show interest in letters and numbers, so at this time it is essential to have wooden blocks with letters and numbers

    Almost all wooden toys can be engraved, engraved toy will be memorable and long lasting gift for your child. You can order engraving service online or at our store in Vilnius,  Kestucio street 18. 

    Code: ZGLA04X
    1550  VAT incl.
    Code: JAMZ08
    1000  - 1100  VAT incl.
    Wooden music rattle
    Code: JAMZ06
    1050  VAT incl.
    1050  VAT incl.
    Code: ZGL07X
    2000  VAT incl.
    Code: ZGF5
    1550  VAT incl.
    Train with wagons
    Code: ZGT02X
    4000  VAT incl.
    Milk truck
    Code: SK050
    3330  VAT incl.
    Tank truck
    Code: SK058
    3880  VAT incl.
    Tipper truck
    Code: SK053
    3220  VAT incl.
    Truck - Wagon
    Code: SK052
    3220  VAT incl.
    Lacing Mushroom
    Code: SAG8
    550  VAT incl.
    Blocks with Letters
    Code: AS05
    750  VAT incl.
    1099  VAT incl.
    Teddy Bear puzzle
    Code: ZGPZL07
    1360  VAT incl.
    Lacing tree
    Code: JAVZ02
    600  VAT incl.
    750  VAT incl.
    Lacing patch
    Code: JAVZ09
    950  VAT incl.
    Laceable shoe
    Code: ZGBATX
    880  VAT incl.
    1150  VAT incl.
    Whale Puzzle
    Code: ZGPZL01
    1100  VAT incl.
    1250  VAT incl.
    Turtle puzzle
    Code: ZGPZL12Z
    1190  VAT incl.
    Boy puzzle (Kopija)
    Code: RA133
    750  VAT incl.
    Wooden jeep
    Code: RJ5164
    1450  - 1770  VAT incl.
    Pulled wooden worm
    Code: RJ5162
    1450  - 1770  VAT incl.
    7500  VAT incl.
    1650  VAT incl.