Wooden pull toys

  • Wooden pull along toys - childrens from 2 years old favourite. Pull along toys are the best to play pretend games, and every child sooner or later will want a pull dog. If you order online you will get your toys withing two working days or you can shop in our store in Vilnius. 

    All pull along toys can be personalised and engraved

    Pulled wooden worm
    Code: RJ5162
    1450 - 1770 VAT incl.
    Pull Frog Toy
    Code: ZGF1
    750 VAT incl.
    Turtle with a shipment of blocks
    Code: ZGK04X
    1850 VAT incl.
    Pull Puppy Toy
    Code: ZGG30
    1130 VAT incl.
    Pull dog
    Code: DZTRS
    2450 VAT incl.
    Cart with blocks
    Code: ZGP17
    1899 VAT incl.
    Pull Snail Toy
    Code: ZGG56X
    1710 VAT incl.