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  • Who is there crawling on the sideway? Whose horns are moving? Who is carying home on his shoulders and yet does it so quietly? Well, that is just one little snail. She can tell your kids many interesting stories of her slow paced but amazing travels. Or maybe kids prefer traveling together with the snail?

    Pull snail is a wooden toy with a string. Suitable for the 2-year-old child and above. It helps developing small and large motor skills of the child. Improves social and emotional development of language. Encourages creativity. While kiddie can decorate snail, and you may ask him to tell what he is doing, where is he going and what he is finding.

    Wooden toy is made of high quality Lithuanian birch, which is most suitable for the production of wooden toys. Toy is a solid, smooth, has no small parts, durable and safe for your child and his environment. Painted with organic paint only.

    Size: 9 x 16 x 32 cm.
    Made in Lithuania. In line with EU standards, CE marked.