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  • Every child dreams of becoming the plane pilot! Or maybe astronaught or sport aircraft observer. The one who can rise to the blue sky, high above clouds, race with the winds while looking down into the river and a few drawings on the ground, and then - suddenly dive down. Perform breathtaking acrobatic tricks that takes ones breath away. This plane is designed specifically for this kind of afventure. Let your kid experience it.

    This toy helps to educate children of large and small motor skills, emotional, social, language development. Child can decorate this toy. You too can join the wonderful flight and you ask your child to tell about his experiences thus helping out to develop child's speech skills.

    This toy , as well as all wooden toys, percieves warmth and comfort, it is really a small piece of art. Wooden parts are pleasearable to touch. They are smooth and completely safe for your child - made from real wood, non-colored with and unvarnished. Wooden toys are very durable, so baby can enjoy it for very long time.

    Size: 11x5, 5x10, 5 cm.
    Made in Lithuania. In line with EU standards, CE marked.