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  • The wellness bunny

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  • It's heating toy.

    The welness bunny is intended for babies and children, a natural and very old remedy. It‘s much more than just a simple teddy bunny. The welness bunny is cuddly and helps your child calm down and fall asleep quickly, reducing it‘s mild indispositions. It can be used either hot or cold. Rabbit contains eco wheat grains cultivated in Lithuania. When cold it is used for treating of contusions. Refreshing in cases of high fever.
    The bunny's internal pillow should be heated up in microwave for 1,5-3 min 600W or an oven heated up to 125°C for 8-10 min (without grill function!) and then put back into the bunny before using it.
    The bunny‘s internal pillow should be put in the freezer for a few hours and then back into the bunny before using it.
    The bunny is perfect for:
    • Alleviating stomach ache
    • Alleviating mucus
    • Alleviating sinusitis/otitis
    • Treating haematomas/contusions
    • Refreshment in case of fever
    • Inducing sleep
    Since the bunny has not been chemically treated it is important that it is stored properly. If the bunny is not used during the summer, the inner pillow should be put in a plastic bag and stored in the freezer.
    Material: the bunny is of 100% cotton washable in 350C. The inner cushion is 50% cotton, 50% linen. Polyester filling in the head, arms and legs.
    Dimensions: app. 50 cm from head to foot.
    Contents: ecologically grown Lithuanian wheat.
    The bunny is tested and safe for use for children from early days.

    1. When a child has a sore throat or bronchitis a warm teddy bunny can bring relief.
    2. A warm bunny at bedtime will help to relax and fall asleep.
    3. The heat of the bunny feels nice when a child has earache.
    4. In case of sinusitis or headache place the bunny to the forehead. In the event of fever a chilled bunny can have a nice cooling effect.
    5. A chilled bunny can help to relieve the pain and reduce swellings.
    6. A warm bunny on the stomach can give relief against stomach-ache.

    Size ~50 cm.

    Made in Lithuania.
    CE marked.